Heavy Duty Truck Won't Start

Common Questions For Heavy Trucks Broken Down

How much does it cost to get a Mobile Heavy Duty Mechanic to come out?

Costs vary dependant on how far you are from a major urban center but, the real cost savings are based on the following:

  1. Proper planning and an effective troubleshooting session with a fully certified technician
  2. An experienced mobile heavy-duty technician for the on-site repair
  3. A fully tooled/equipped mobile service truck with basic parts on hand

These elements will in most cases be cheaper than towing your rig in and having costs related to downtime and sourcing a local heavy duty repair shop.

 Can a mobile service truck repair my trailer on the highway?

Of course, we can! Most repairs to a commercial trailer can be resolved on a side of the highway with a properly tooled and equipped heavy service truck. When calling one of our fully certified technicians will try to diagnose and troubleshoot your issue before going on-site, ensuring we have the right parts.

My Semi Truck's Engine is overheating what should I do? 

The Top Most Common heavy duty truck mechanical problems

Braking issues on a commercial truck

Brake-related problems can lead to costly repairs at best or more importantly cause safety concerns and vehicular accidents. A truck’s disc and drum brakes are exposed to consistent heat, pressure, and friction, which means they wear down without the right maintenance. Brake issues are usually related to things like external corrosion and wear, minor leaks, and internal water contamination that causes airlines to freeze during the colder months.

Tire repairs and challenges on a heavy-duty truck or trailer

When it comes to physical issues with your truck, tires are typically considered to be the most important components of any vehicle. A simple flat really isn’t that simple and can sideline a truck for hours. Tires are the leading cause of truck problems for drivers, making up around 1/2 of all roadside failures. These failures are related to under inflation, low tread depth or misaligned axles. Always make sure to have each of your tires inspected thoroughly before you hit the road and look for those issues.

Electrical problems in a commercial truck

Electrical systems in a heavy Duty Truck are made up primarily of the starter motor, alternator, and battery. If one or more of these mechanical parts fails to function properly, your truck can’t continue on. Signs that your problems related to your electrical are things like flickering lifts or lowering or dimming lights, dead batteries, unusual burning or weird plastic smells, and clicking sounds when the engine starts up.

Engine overheating in my commercial truck

For both truck owner-operators and drivers alike, significant damage and consequences can come due to an overheating engine. The problems vary and can be complicated it might be a blown gasket or issues with the fuel tank. Over a sustained amount of time, this can lead to engine failure if the underlying challenges are not addressed. Working with a certified heavy duty technician is critical in order to review and address signs of overheating on your vehicle. In the short or long term, this can prevent failure when you are operating the equipment.

Wheel bearing issues

It's very important for your wheel to move along the road with as little friction as possible, components called wheel bearings and they are integral to the operation of your wheels. Sometimes while they’re moving, the driver notices an unusual amount of noise generating from the vicinity of the wheel wells, the bearings could be worn out. Another sign could be unstable road movements or swinging and jerkiness of the truck could be experienced. Get the wheel bearings checked for issues if these symptoms occur. 


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